BW StaffBesides delicious meats, B&W Meat Company
offers deer processing and custom-cut services for beef and pork.

Let us do your processing
Hunters do all the hard work of getting up before the sun to track, bag and drag the deer to the truck. 

Standard processing for deer includes:

  • Steaks
  • Roasts
  • Ground
  • Chili meat

If requested, beef fat (10 percent) can be added to enhance the flavor of the ground venison or coarse-ground chili meat for free. Pan sausage can enhance the flavor of the venison by adding regular or lean pork at a nominal price.

Fresh venison can be mixed with pork or beef (regular or lean) smoked and stuffed into the five delectable flavors.

Skinning and caping the deer for a shoulder mount is available for an affordable fee.

Be sure to pick up the order within seven days after we notify you because we want to make space for all your other hunting buddies’ deer. Due to space limitations, B&W does not tenderize meat.

Tell our friendly counter employees how thick you want your steak or chop and we’ll cut it to your specifications.

Be sure to call us at 713-697-2844 if you have any questions.